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Job vacancies at MINT - Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers

What is MINT's Mission?

The mission of MINT is to promote good practice in the use, research and training of motivational interviewing. MINT supports the continuing learning and skillfulness of its members through meetings, open sharing of resources, communication, publications, and shared practice opportunities. Rather than seeking to limit or control the practice and training of motivational interviewing, MINT promotes quality applications of motivational interviewing across cultures, languages, and contexts.

Four Foundational Values of MINT

MINT is built upon four foundational values:

  1. Quality Excellence, reliability, ethics, integrity, professionalism, responsiveness to emerging evidence
  2. Openness - Evolving, emergent, open-minded, innovative, flexible, expanding the boundaries, growth, humility, curiousity, self-critical
  3. Generosity Non-possessiveness, sharing, acknowledgment, collaboration, cooperation, giving more than you receive
  4. Respect Valuing of individual and professional diversity, internationality, kindness, listening, communication, egalitarianism