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Job vacancies at Mekom Solutions

Our Modus Operandi

Mekom Solutions makes it possible to work differently to make an impact.
We offer a venue to those willing to opt for a work modus operandi based on freedom, trust and responsibility. Come join our fully remote operation and become a member of our distributed team that makes open digital health a reality for all.

About Mekom

Mekom Solutions is a growing digital health software development and consultancy firm that aims at disrupting the EMR/EHR systems market with compelling and scalable open-source solutions. Mekom currently lines up two flagship products:

Ozone HIS - an integrated open-source health information system to manage patients data at the point of healthcare service delivery.

Mekom Portable - a resilient and sturdy hardware hand case that hosts and runs health information systems *anywhere* and that is optimised to fit in very low-resource settings.

Mekom provides a whole range of digital health services: requirement discovery, user experience research & studies, business analysis, project planning, usability testing, projects management & implementation, full stack software development, quality assurance, training, usability acceptance, software continuous delivery, ongoing technical support and support service-level agreements.

Mekom was incorporated in 2013 and supports projects all over the world and has collaborators around the globe.


We deliver digital health solutions anywhere while contributing to open-source software and medical informatics standards.