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Job vacancies at WeMove Europe

WeMove Europe is an independent organisation. We are not affiliated with any corporations, governments, or state institutions. We are led by our community: over 1 million people who take action with us to transform Europe into a place that’s better for us all. Our work is based on the values of equality, sustainability and democracy.

But these values are severely lacking in our political leadership.

Right now, the world is in crisis. Our political system has served the elite and maximised profit for too long, and now we’re seeing devastating effects on our environment, our economy, our democracy, and our everyday lives.

There is a disconnect between how decisions are made in practice and the often-stated values of the EU: respect for human dignity and rights, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice and solidarity.

In Europe today, refugees are violently turned away at our borders, nature is destroyed for profit, human rights are abused, the climate disaster is ignored. Our leaders have an unhealthy obsession with economic growth, ignoring the consequences on us and our planet. Power is held by the few, who profit from polluting the planet and exploiting people. Hierarchy and corporate influence weaken our legislation and legal protections.

That’s because the systems that are currently in place are built that way, to benefit the rich and powerful. But with your help, that can all change.