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Job vacancies at FSG Advisory Services

World-class thought leadership


FSG has a global reputation for thought leadership and innovations in philanthropy, including collective impact, shared value, and market system innovations. We routinely share cutting-edge insights on key topics such as strategic evaluation and learning, systems change and systems thinking, and collaborations. Our research covers a range of critical topics from reproductive rights to corporate racial equity, impact investing, and water and sanitation. View our research and insights on our resources page.


Transformative advisory services


Each year FSG works with a diverse set of multisector clients from around the world, with a focus on the U.S., Europe, South Asia, and parts of Latin America. Our comfort working in complex environments enables us to adopt a systems perspective in gathering and synthesizing data, generating insights, and making actionable recommendations. FSG engagements are characterized by an adaptive, collaborative, and open-minded approach. We work hard to establish strong working relationships, extend your knowledge of the system you seek to change, and facilitate meaningful engagement with all your stakeholders, especially the people and community you seek to help. Above all else, we work to ensure that recommendations are actionable. Learn more about our consulting services here.


Cutting-edge initiatives

Putting ideas into action has always been central to FSG’s approach. Our field-building initiatives and programs include: the Collective Impact Forum (learning community for practitioners of place-based collaborative social impact work); Growing Livelihood Opportunities for Women (GLOW), which aims to empower women in India and promote gender parity; the Program to Improve Private Early Education (program to implement activity-based learning in the 300,000 affordable private schools in India); the Shared Value Initiative (global platform for leaders seeking to solve societal challenges through business solutions); and Talent Rewire (engaging employers for equitable economic mobility). Learn more about our initiatives here.