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Job vacancies at Ecofiltro

Ecofiltro was founded over 20 years ago and worked as a nonprofit organization for most of its history. Philip Wilson, our CEO, came to the conclusion that the water problem, the fact that there is a lack of drinking water in rural homes of many Guatemalans, could not be adequately solved by depending on donations. He decided to turn Ecofiltro into a company with a cause, a social business, that would focus on a hybrid approach to the problem where the sales of filters in urban areas would help to reduce the price of the filters for families in rural areas.

It was then that Ecofiltro S.A. started to design and plan the building of a new factory capable of producing 20,000 filters per month in Antigua, Guatemala.

The new Ecofiltro factory opened in April 2012. Today, Ecofiltro has distributed over 700,000 filters throughout Guatemalan territory. In 2021 we initiate a new expansion of our production facility which will allow us to produce 500,000 filters per year!