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Job vacancies at FPCOFSC - First Presbyterian Church of Santa Clara

We believe we are living in transformative times, and that our call to bring people into relationship with Jesus is actually more important than ever. As a church, we are committed to the person of Jesus Christ, and we base our teaching on the revealed Word of God. We believe we are called to encourage all people to place their trust in Christ Jesus, that he might offer them his redemption, forgiveness, and life everlasting. As our Pastor says, the whole reason behind Christ’s birth, ministry, death, and resurrection is to make people free, whole, and intimate with God the Father.

Jesus said “Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst.” (John 4:14) We hope and trust that you will find sufficient water in the teaching we offer to continually quench your thirst. We also hope that you find the time you spend with us inspiring, meaningful, challenging, and more than a little fun.

In Christ Jesus, who makes all things new and through whom abundant life is realized.