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Job vacancies at PHG Africa - PHG Health Foundation Africa

PHG Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Projects Innovation Design and Sustainable Development Organisation, with focus on Rural Development Programs, Research & Digital Training Projects, Youth, Women/Child Support Services and Primary Health Innovation Programs. Registered as Social Enterprise in 2015, with active community work in 2017 as Primary Health Vision Care, focusing on Primary Health & Specialist Care Promotion in rural communities. In 2018/19, we embarked upon a number of Social Enterprise Programs for Sustainable Rural Development in Digital Training Consultancies (SMEs) especially for Women & Youth to our existing Primary Health Innovation programs. Currently we conduct these project services and community programs as a Not-for-Profit Organisation. PHG Health Foundation Africa (PHG FOUNDATION), to sustain and scale all programs, impacting more Rural Communities, Youth, Women and People in Ghana & Africa. We have a digital – enabled facility with digital tools & products for training activities, Programs design & implementation of community – door step trainings. We have the team to scout, train, engage, and offer sustainable support for the Young Innovators at the grass root and hard to reach areas in partnership with stakeholders.