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Job vacancies at AquaGreen

In 2012, our founder, Ms Tracey Lam, realized an untapped agricultural potential: hydroponics, a truly green and sustainable version of hydroponics that harnesses the sun's power and natural climate. We do not want a plant factory where vast fossil fuels and costs are needed to run air conditioners and LED lighting, which is still prevalent in the industry. And she was right; in a short decade, AquaGreen has grown from a seedling to now the dominant and, by far, the most significant player in the sector.

We now hold an essential & vital position in vegetable production in the local society. We can innovate by introducing new vegetable species to market, high-tech and high-yield germination, a net zero carbon footprint, and the highest quality controls in the industry, providing the best there is to offer, innovating agriculture and feeding the next generation.