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Job vacancies at PEN Canada


Welcome to the career site of the PEN Canada at Impactpool!


PEN Canada envisions a world where writers are free to write, readers are free to read, and freedom of expression prevails.

PEN Canada is a nonpartisan organization of writers that works with others to defend freedom of expression as a basic human right, at home and abroad. PEN Canada promotes literature, fights censorship, helps free persecuted writers from prison, and assists writers living in exile in Canada.

PEN Canada is the leading association of writers, working to promote literature and defend freedom of expressional around the world. PEN was founded by British poet, playwright and peace activist C.A. Dawson-Scott, as an international club providing space for writers to share ideas and as a forum, uniting writers irrespective of their culture, language, or political opinion. Today, PEN connects an international community of writers from over 100 countries, with 149 PEN Centres worldwide.

The first PEN centre in Canada was founded in 1926 in Montreal. In 1983, the English-language centre, PEN Canada, moved to Toronto, while the French-speaking Centre Quebecois du PEN continues its work in Montreal. The two Canadian PEN centres collaborate on various issues. Since then, PEN Canada has expanded to include journalists, playwrights, publishers, translators, editors, and screenwriters. PEN Canada is one of the most active of the 141 centres of PEN International.