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Job vacancies at SCA - Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

Welcome to the career site of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) at Impactpool!


The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) is working in Afghanistan since 1980. SCA's vision is an independent Afghanistan in peace, where human rights are respected, rural communities are empowered and all Afghans have the right and opportunity to democratic participation in the governance of their country. The work encompasses programmes for education, health, support to persons with disabilities and rural development. There are also support units for all programme activities relating to quality assurance, civil society, human rights & gender and communications. SCA has more than 5 000 employees, of whom 99 % are Afghans. SCA’s main target group is the rural population, specifically women and girls. Operations include capacity development, advocacy and service delivery. The work is always conducted in close cooperation with the local population. The management office is situated in Kabul, while operations are carried out in 14 provinces from five project offices and four field offices.

SCA’s Vision

An Afghanistan free from poverty, violence and discrimination, where human rights are respected and all live in dignity, enjoy equal opportunity and social justice.

To empower individuals, communities and local organizations, primarily in rural areas and with particular focus on women, girls, boys and vulnerable groups such as persons with disabilities, so that they may participate fully in society and influence their own development.

SCA will achieve this by working closely with communities, local and national civil society organizations and relevant levels of government, and by combining capacity development, advocacy and service provision.

All SCA’s work is based in the following values:


SCA work in respectful cooperation with target groups to address their needs and legitimate demands with an emphasis on local ownership.


While upholding the duty to be inclusive and non-discriminatory in our approach, SCA do not take sides in conflict and do not support specific factions or parties representing various interests in society.


SCA promote equal opportunities and facilitate equal access to resources for all citizens, including women, girls, boys and persons with disabilities.

Social Justice

SCA strive to be fair to all with whom we work. While working to affirm the rights of all individuals, SCA recognise that differences in gender, individual capabilities and identities give rise to varied needs and interests.


SCA are true to our mission, maintaining honesty and transparency in all of what they do and say, upholding a spirit of openness and sharing with stakeholders, while always prepared to be held to account for their actions