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Meet our Mission Group

CAKE is on a mission to speed up the transition towards a zero emission society, by combining excitement with responsibility in the development of our electric motorcycles. In order to live up to our creed, we have adopted a cross-scientific approach to working with sustainability issues. Leading the way is our CAKE Mission Group, a group of experienced individuals that coach and help lead processes connected to sustainability.


To us, sustainability is more than fancy talk and marketing lingo. It is a complex issue and something we continue to learn more about as we collectively ride towards a greener future. Providing the market with beautiful bikes that are built to last and help people to silently enjoy the outdoors without polluting the environment is itself a step forward. Which isn’t to say that there aren’t dilemmas that we need to address and solve. These involve everything from rider safety to how the wheels of our bikes affect the environment when they inevitably will touch the ground. No matter the complexity of things, we need to take responsibility.


Our bikes may be electric but it is worth noting that electricity itself isn’t a clean power source by default. Anything and everything from the extraction and processing of raw materials, to manufacturing and transportation will involve the use of electricity. Depending on where the energy stems from, it may be more or less sufficient, in regards to sustainability. The CAKE Mission Group is active in a number of ways to accelerate and to improve initiatives to minimize our footprint. It’s not going to happen overnight, it’s a process and the more people and organizations that commit to make a true difference, the sooner we will get there.