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Job vacancies at CFFP - Centre For Feminist Foreign Policy


The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP) is a membership-based research and advocacy organization that promotes a feminist approach to foreign policy. Founded in 2016, CFFP provides a platform for engagement and advocacy to see a feminist approach to the foreign policy adopted globally. The CFFP has quickly developed to be a leading and recognized the voice on feminist foreign policy, and currently operates in a global remote team, along with regional branches in the UK and Germany.

Recognizing the diverse perspectives offered by feminism, to us, a feminist foreign policy is a framework which elevates the everyday lived experience of marginalized communities and provides a broader and deeper analysis of global issues. As an organization, we hope to challenge the traditional foreign policy that is elite and often lacks diversity and further perpetuates patriarchal structures which continue to subjugate marginalized communities and normalizes both male and Western perspectives. Through research, advocacy, and community building, CFFP is working to make foreign policy more accessible and diverse.

Promoting a People-Centred Foreign Policy

Based on the values of intersectionality, collaboration, and integrity, CFFP is deeply committed to ethical hiring practices and building a diverse team. As a young grassroots organization, all positions at CFFP are currently volunteer-based. In return for your work, CFFP can offer you skills development, mentorship, and the opportunity to leave your mark on an organization emerging as a leader in foreign policy. When available, positions will be either on our remote global team or for candidates based in London and Berlin.

Apply for a position today to help shape the future of feminist foreign policy.


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