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Job vacancies at ENGIM

ENGIM was founded in Italy on 6th December 1977 to support vocational training activities.In 1988 ENGIM became a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) to promote development cooperation all over the world. Ever since, the organisation has been involved in arranging co-finance for development projects in the third world countries, public awareness on issues and development, educational support, emergency relief, livelihood assistance, rehabilitation of refugees, providing for volunteer services, etc.   


Our aim is the promotion of activities concerning vocational training and the improvement of the value of human resources, especially in favour of young and disadvantaged people.Particular attention is paid to guarantee the interaction among all the involved actors. Cohesion is achieved by close cooperation among schools, local authorities, small and medium enterprises and civil society's associations.  


ENGIM is an NGO engaged in the development of educational and social projects, programmes of education for development and the international cooperation to development, aiming at increasing the spiritual, educational, cultural, social, political and charity dimensions of the human work.  


Promoting the development and the growth of human beings, in particular young, through spiritual, cultural, technical and vocational training. Implementing actions for the education and the work integration, addressing beneficiaries in risk of cultural, professional and social marginalisation, coming in particular from poor countries and the poorest urban suburbs. Working for the promotion of the human dignity, women's rights, environmental issues, the right to sustainable development, in collaboration with social workers, beneficiaries and local communities because there cannot be development without sharing and self-education. Working in partnerhip for a more coherent and sustainable development. Implementing actions in respect of the law through the financial support of public and private institutions and fund-raising activities.  


At present ENGIM promotes and supports projects in Italy and in the world concerning: Vocational education and technical training Developing projects in development countries Livelihood promotion Fair trade Studies and seminaries on labour problems and job orientation Public awareness/development education Sending of volunteers across for humanitarian services Child sponsorship