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Job vacancies at IDinsight


Welcome to the career site of the IDinsight at Impactpool!



Our mission is to partner with clients to generate and use rigorous evidence to improve social impact. Depending on client needs, we help diagnose social sector challenges, design and test potential solutions, and operationalize those solutions found to be most impactful. We believe that client-centered, rigorous, and responsive evaluation is essential to help managers maximize program impact.

Our vision is to improve millions of lives by transforming how the social sector innovates, learns, and improves.


IDinsight’s team is driven by common values which guide our actions. These values are a statement of commitment to our teammates, clients, and partners.


IDinsight was founded because many reports and activities in international development fail to improve real lives.

We measure our success by the extent to which our work increases the social impact of our clients. We scrutinize and validate the assumptions behind our answer to the best of our abilities. 

We continually refine our work and strategy to maximize social impact.


We each put the interests of the poor, our partners, and our teammates before our own, and in every interaction seek to give more than we take.

We understand that it is a privilege – not a sacrifice – to serve a cause bigger than ourselves. We work hard to make the most of this privilege.


We often operate in someone else’s home, community, office or country. We recognize the limits of our personal knowledge, especially compared to local experience, and believe that having multiple perspectives is highly valuable.

We seek to raise the profile of the organizations with whom we work above and beyond our own.


We bring to bear the skill and effort needed to produce work of the absolute highest quality. We work hard and efficiently. Our work is judged by our outputs, not our effort.

We are conscientious and respectful in what we say and do.

We represent IDinsight values, both on and off the job.


We are honest with our clients and with each other.

We always share our objective findings and honest opinions with the client – even if they are unpopular. We readily share when IDinsight is not the appropriate service-provider for a given context.

We are honest with each other and are a flat organization: the best idea and evidence wins.

If we disagree with a teammate, we have an obligation to state our views.


We act as owners of IDinsight. We don’t complain. If something is broken or flawed in our organization, we proactively fix it.

We each are responsible for helping IDinsight continually innovate, learn, and improve.

Community of leaders

We are committed to enabling our colleagues to reach their full long-term professional potential. We insist that each employee constantly gain in skills and knowledge by purposefully creating opportunities and raising the bar.

We understand that we sometimes live and work in difficult circumstances. We look out for each other professionally and personally.

Systems perspective

Questioning the status quo is in our organization’s DNA. We push the frontier to make the world a better place.

We understand that effective change is founded on a holistic understanding of why the status quo persists and working with others to create greater, sustained impact.

We are intellectually curious about the wider world