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Job vacancies at IFOAM - Organics International


Welcome to the career site of the IFOAM - Organics International at Impactpool!


Our mission is ‘leading change, organically’. This means that we work toward true sustainability in agriculture, from the field, through the value chain to the consumer.

With more than 750 members in over 127 countries, we are the voice of the global organic movement.


The challenges our food and farming systems face are complex.  Working toward innovative solutions, we focus on three key areas:

  1. Supply: Facilitating capacity development for sustainable production.
    • We facilitate the transition of farmers to organic agriculture, train future leaders in the Organic Academy, advance innovative solutions such as True Cost Accounting with our think-tanking work and have tangible impact on the ground with projects around the world.
  2. Awareness Raising: Campaigning and acting as a resource center for organic communications.
    • We take the lead in organic campaigns to encourage consumers to buy more organic, working with a wide range of partners. We also host and promote numerous events.
  3. Policy & Guarantee: Advocating and providing support for the creation of a favorable policy environment.
    • We raise awareness of the need to integrate truly sustainable agriculture into policies dealing with food security, climate change and biodiversity. Our Policy Toolkit shows how organic can be a part of the solution to global challenges.


We have been the global organic umbrella organization since 1972. The early pioneers (‘Organic 1.0’) paved the way for the formation of the organic movement and the codification of standards and enforced rules that have established the organic sector and helped it grow to a market value of over US$80 billion per year (‘Organic 2.0’).

Now the organic movement is entering a new phase that we call ‘Organic 3.0‘. Organic 3.0 positions organic as a modern, innovative system that has positive impacts on global environmental and social challenges. It is the overall strategic plan of the global organic movement for further growth and sustainability in order to increase the positive impact on the planet and the people.

You can find more detailed information about our vision, mission and strategy in the new strategic plan.