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Job vacancies at Sasakawa Africa Association - SAA

SAA and its country programs which used to be called Sasakawa Global 2000 (SG2000) work in close collaboration with national agricultural extension services in Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, and Uganda to support smallholder farmers along the agricultural value chain.

SAA aims to increase farmers’ income and food and nutrition security through promoting market-oriented, sustainable, resilient, regenerative, and nutrition-sensitive agricultural innovations and building the capacity of Extension Agents and farmers.

”Walking with the Farmer” SAA's slogan represents the organization’s vision and ethos. Since the early stages of its establishment, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture in respective host countries, SAA has set up country offices staffed by local residents with a high level of agricultural expertise and a deep understanding of the local context, in order to promote need-based good agricultural practices (GAPs) and improved technologies in rural communities. SAA is committed to working with smallholder farmers by adopting a participatory approach that provides need-based feedback to farmers and value chain actors to establish technologies and fruitful market linkages that address the specific concerns of farmers. This participatory approach embodies SAA’s spirit of walking with the farmer.

Vision: To support Africa to fulfill its aspirations of building resilient and sustainable food systems

Mission: Catalyzing knowledge sharing with African farmers and enabling food, nutrition, and income security in their communities

SAA has six offices: Tokyo HQ, Strategic Partnership Office, Country Offices in Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, and Uganda