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Job vacancies at ACEPIS - Africa Center for People Institutions and Society

Current jobs

Acepis, is the Africa Centre for People, Institutions and Society. We are an Afro-centric think-tank dedicated to bolstering access to credible information to shape the public dialogue, inform policy and drive inclusive sustainable development in Africa. We seek to leverage information to provide suitable solutions for Africa’s organisations to grow, serve and impact lives. We do this through strategic communication, applied research, organizational development support and knowledge brokering. Established in 2012, we are founded on the understanding that open, accountable, and inclusive governance is essential to prosperity of society. We believe, at Acepis, that access to information, augmented by sufficient capacity to interrogate and utilise it, can catalyse meaningful involvement of citizens in affecting the way they are governed while generating suitable solutions that promote inclusive sustainable development. Acepis thus seeks to link local level demand for public information with national and international level supply chains and leverage this to enhance evidence-based policy making, accountable governance and inclusive, pro-poorest sustainable development.