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Belgian Development Cooperation (BTC CTB)


Welcome to the career site of the Belgian Development Cooperation (BTC CTB) at Impactpool!


BTC is the Belgian development agency. We support development projects across the globe to eradicate poverty. Doing so, we help build a world where women and men live under the rule of law, have equal access to quality public services and are free to pursue their aspirations.



We contribute structurally to the change processes that are necessary to build a fair world. To meet this challenge we continuously search for innovative and effective solutions.

We commit to supporting the initiatives of our partners by supplying high-quality services and by efficiently using the resources made available to us.



BTC is the Belgian development agency. For the account of the Belgian state and other commissioners we support and provide guidance to development programs. 

We work together with our partners by making available expertise, personnel and financial resources.

Transparency and integrity are basic principles in our activities. We strictly apply rules and methods to enable us to fight fraud and corruption.




We are committed and determined to achieve our personal missions as well as to contribute to the execution of our organisation ’s missions.


We respect the identity and dignity of each individual, we cherish diversity and respect the know-how, work and ideas of our partners, commissioners and colleagues.

Sense of responsibility

We are acutely aware of our social responsibility and want to contribute to eliminating poverty and to build a fair world.


In everything we do, at all levels and without any personal advantage, we guarantee dignity, trustworthiness, sincerity and honesty.

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