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Job vacancies at BMI-SBI - Belgian Corporation for International Investment

BMI-SBI, founded in 1971, is a unique finance institution with both public and private capital, active in the co-financing of business ventures by Belgian private companies abroad. BMI-SBI is a limited liability company, with more than 60% of its capital held by the Belgian State through SFPI/FPIM, a State owned investment fund.  

The fact that BMI-SBI is a government-related institution often benefits the project as it creates trust and enhances the confidence of foreign partners and/or authorities towards the Belgian private sponsored project.

BMI-SBI offers tailor-made solutions taking into consideration the particular needs and risk profile of each individual project. As BMI-SBI sets out to be a genuine long-term partner, it provides comprehensive support and advice as well as co-financing.

Since its creation, BMI-SBI has invested in over 350 projects in more than 60 countries