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Job vacancies at CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research

CERN - Take Part!

Welcome to the career site of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) at Impactpool!


Taking part in the largest scientific experiment in the world,  CERN needs more than physicists and engineers - if you’re a student, a graduate, just starting your career or an experienced professional, whatever your field of expertise, CERN could be your next opportunity: Take part!

CERN is a truly unique organisation. A genuine collaboration between countries, universities and scientists, driven not by profit margins, but by a commitment to create and share knowledge.

People working at CERN are part of immense scientific discoveries, answering some of life’s most complex questions and pushing the boundaries of understanding. Experts from every field come here to share in this ambition and the nature of this collaborative, international community creates a genuine atmosphere of trust. People are free to work creatively and to trust in, and rely on, their colleagues across the organisation.

The laboratory, based in Meyrin, Switzerland and founded in 1954, was originally devoted to the study of atomic nuclei, but was soon applied to higher-energy physics, concerned mainly with the study of interactions between subatomic particles. Therefore, the laboratory operated by CERN is commonly referred to as the European Laboratory for particle physics, which better describes the research being performed there today.

CERN’s opportunities are mainly open to nationals of its Member and Associate Member States, however, some student and graduate opportunities also arise for Non-Member State nationals. 


“The two official languages at CERN are English and French. Members of Personnel are required to have a good knowledge of English and/or French, with the ability to communicate in both written and oral forms, and demonstrate a willingness to acquire the other language rapidly”  


From now on, you will find all CERN positions at Impactpool, update your Impactpool profile to stay alerted when CERN jobs are posted. Find information on how to apply for the job advertisements. When sending your application, please indicate you find the opportunity at

Join the unlimited possibilites in great science!

Take part and make a big impact at CERN!
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CERN is incredibly diverse and it seems that whatever knowledge you have in any field, there will be some way to apply it here
-- Michael, Computer Engineer at CERN.
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There's no better way to learn than on-the-job. When that job happens to be in a world-famous organisation and centre of scientific excellence, even better!
-- Kitti Lai, Technical Student at CERN.