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Job vacancies at CILC - Centre Center for International Legal Cooperation


The Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC) promotes the rule of law by initiating and implementing international legal cooperation projects. We bring together legal experts from different countries to work out solutions for a variety of challenges within developing legal systems. We are based in The Hague and our current work spans dozens of countries in development and in transition in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. 

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CILC was founded in 1985 at the initiative of the Dutch Government to implement a multi-annual program for judicial cooperation with Indonesia. Following the breakdown of the communist regimes, given the immediate need for expertise in building up rule of law, CILC started to also support the legal reforms in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Since then, CILC has developed into a project organisation operating worldwide in international legal cooperation and rule of law capacity building.