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In 1980, Dirk Jan Groot and his wife set up the ‘Christian Foundation for Aid to the Persecuted for Cause of Conscience’ from the need to put the gospel into practice for the benefit of people who were persecuted and had to live in poverty. The foundation targeted the then still ‘closed’ countries in Eastern Europe.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall and political reforms in Eastern Europe, these countries became more easily accessible and the working group Dorcas was founded, named after one the first Christians who was ‘full of good works and almsdeeds’ (Acts 9:36, KJV). The group focused on collecting and transporting goods and was named Foundation Dorcas Aid International; Dirk Jan Groot became its director.

When communist Ethiopia was struck by famine in 1989, Dorcas sent food by sea container. Soon, the activities in Africa extended to other countries. Over the course of time, there were two foundations. Dorcas Aid International (founded in 1995) was responsible for the execution of the projects abroad. The fundraising for this work was done by ‘Dorcas Hulp Nederland’  (Dorcas Aid Netherlands) (1997). Dirk Jan Groot led the organisation for thirty years until he retired in 2010.

The boards of Dorcas Hulp Nederland and Dorcas Aid International decided to integrate both organisations. Early 2012 this unification was realised internally and in 2013, the merger deed was recorded. Stichting Dorcas Winkels (Foundation Dorcas Shops) is also part of this merger. As of October 2013, all Dorcas’ activities are combined in one organisation: Dorcas Aid International and goes by the name Dorcas.

The approach

Dorcas wants to see people and communities flourish. Dorcas envisions communities where there is a safe and peaceful environment, inclusive access to basic services and strong, inclusive and dynamic community structures; and where people have restored dignity, hope and ability and resilient livelihoods. Dorcas also strives for a society in which governments and other institutions cooperate with community structures, support the development of communities and are held accountable.

The Dorcas theory of change describes and clarifies how Dorcas envisions the pathway of change from a situation of poverty and exclusion to a situation of transformed individuals and communities. This transformation requires simultaneous action at the three levels of individualcommunity and societyRead more about our theory of change.