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Job vacancies at Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation

Ecology Foundation Protecting Biodiversity and Indigenous Culture with Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and Ecosystem Services Provided by the Guardians of the Forest™

Ecology is the basis for all life, it defines the most basic essential and elemental relationship between one object - usually a living thing and some other thing, living or nonliving, or multiple things; generally speaking 'ecology' is the science and study of the complex relationships between many different organisms in a specific place or region commonly referred to as an ecosystem. Ecology literally means the "study of our home," from Ancient Greek οἶκος (oîkos) 'house', and -λογία (-logía) 'study of' the root of the word can also be applied to define other types of relationships such as in finance (economics), social networks, blockchains (technology ecosystems) and the global environment as a whole, also known as Mother Earth (common house).

Academics, critics, experts, politicians and world leaders all agree humanity has reached an ecological crossroads, our climate is changing, so it is time to make critical choices about the future of our planet to preserve the integrity of the few natural forest ecosystems we have and the nature-based solutions that they provide; we all depend on forest ecosystems for their ability to stabilize the climate. These last strongholds (wilderness areas) need our protection through the development of new nature reserves, biodiversity conservation programs, ecosystem restoration and natural heritage sites, not only for us, but for future generations of ecotourists, pioneers, researchers, scientists and students. Ecology Crossroads is not only a metaphor for our place in time, it is the name of our organization which has come of age. Everyone also agrees that stopping and reversing the damage already done to our 'home' is a matter of social responsibility, which is a great reason to be eco-conscientious and support organizations like Ecology Crossroads who can actually do it.