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Job vacancies at EUMETSAT - European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites

Welcome to the career site of the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) at Impactpool!


EUMETSAT is an intergovernmental organisation and was founded in 1986. Our purpose is to supply weather and climate-related satellite data, images and products – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – to the National Meteorological Services of our Member and Cooperating States in Europe, and other users worldwide.

Learn more about EUMETSAT by watching this video:

Working at EUMETSAT

EUMETSAT’s headquarters are located in Darmstadt, Germany, 30 km from Frankfurt am Main.

EUMETSAT employees are business professionals who represent a diverse field of expertise, ranging from satellite operations, engineering, meteorology and data processing, to administration, law and finance.

The services of staff are complemented where necessary by consultants, and a departmental and divisional management structure is used to establish clear goals and targets, against which performance, individual training needs and personal development are assessed annually.

Staff members are drawn from each of the member states, and it makes for a cosmopolitan working environment. “EUMETSAT is very different from my previous company. There are many nationalities here and I like learning about the way people think and do things. It’s interesting and I enjoy it!” Judit Papp, Budget Officer.

English and French are EUMETSAT’s official languages.

EUMETSAT strategy and vision

The EUMETSAT strategy provides the direction and scope of the activities to be undertaken by EUMETSAT over the long-term, with the aim of maximising the benefits to users in Member and Cooperating States whilst taking into account any evolutions in EUMETSAT’s environment.

The vision of EUMETSAT is to be the leading user-driven operational agency in Europe for Earth observation satellite programmes that fulfil the objectives of its Convention, and a trusted global partner for those outside Europe who share these objectives.

In realising this vision, EUMETSAT’s first priority shall be, through its own satellite programmes, to fulfil, in the most effective manner, the essential requirements of its Member States for observations and data services for operational weather and Earth system monitoring and forecasting, and for climate services.

For operational weather forecasting, EUMETSAT programmes and cooperation will respond to the needs of the European National Meteorological Services for satellite observations of the atmosphere, land-surfaces, ocean and cryosphere, in support of nowcasting, and short and medium-range forecasts.

For climate monitoring, EUMETSAT will respond to requirements expressed by the Global Climate Observing System and generate Climate Data Records from long series of satellite observations. This will be achieved making use of the expertise available at its Central Facility in Darmstadt, Germany, and within the network of eight Satellite Application Facilities (SAF)distributed across its Member States.

EUMETSAT’s second priority shall be to establish additional capabilities in partnership with the European Union and other satellite operators to achieve synergy with its own satellite missions for the common benefit of its Member States and partners.

The new strategy will take account of the challenging and dynamic environment in which EUMETSAT operates, whilst capitalising on the successes achieved  through our previous strategy “EUMETSAT: a global operational satellite agency at the heart of Europe”, adopted in June 2011.

Indeed, the main strategic goal for 2025 is the full and successful implementation of the new MTG, EPS-SG, Sentinel-3, Sentinel-4, Sentinel-5 and Jason-CS/Sentinel-6 missions, based on a smooth transition from the current generation systems, so that the continuity and expansion of services delivered to Member States and users is secured for a further decade and beyond.

This new strategy will be implemented in the context of theEMI and selected European and global partnerships involving the WMO, EU, ESA and other national space agencies, together with a portfolio of bilateral cooperation agreements with international partners, considered as a strategic asset.

Nine strategic objectives to EUMETSAT

  1. Deliver services responding to evolving user requirements, based on the continuous infusion of science and on cost-effective infrastructures and operations
  2. Maximise the lifetime of the current satellite systems to ensure the best return on Member States’ investments and a safe transition to the next generation systems
  3. Plan, develop and implement the next generation of EUMETSAT satellite systems to deliver the maximum benefits to Member States
  4. As a partner in the European Space Policy, establish and exploit EU Copernicus missions in synergy with EUMETSAT’s missions, for the common benefit of EUMETSAT Member States and the EU
  5. Meet additional needs of Member States through cooperation with other satellite operators
  6. Expand the user base for EUMETSAT data, products and services in EUMETSAT Member States and among WMO Members
  7. Contribute to global partnerships of relevance to monitoring of weather, climate and environment from space
  8. Continuously improve management and risk management processes
  9. Recruit and maintain a core resource of talented and engaged people with relevant skills.