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Fundacion Capital

Welcome to the career site of the Fundación Capital (FundaK) at Impactpool!


Fundación Capital (FundaK) is an international organization whose team works in 14 countries across Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, with the mission of reducing poverty and advancing economic citizenship. We work in the design, development and implementation of innovative projects, with the goal of helping individuals living in poverty to build, grow, manage and protect their financial, human, physical and social assets. (

Fundación Capital was born from an idea as simple as it is powerful: What would happen if government conditional cash transfers went straight into savings accounts, instead of being handed out in cash? What would happen if we connected social protection systems to mechanisms for financial inclusion?

The question of how to escape from poverty, vulnerability and marginalization is, in essence, the question of how to save, grow, manage and protect assets in ways that open the door to opportunity.

For us, it is about moving from outdated ways of thinking of those living in situations of poverty and vulnerability, of moving from a logic of passive beneficiaries of various programs and policies to one of active participants in building their own futures and societies, with their own knowledge, expertise and capabilities of their own. Our work always starts there, and every digital solution that we develop, pilot program that we co-create, or public policy that we collaborate on is designed alongside the end user, with their needs, their inputs, and their realities always in mind.

At Fundación Capital, we advance economic citizenship by adapting and developing tools and transformative policies, and building capacity, to create solutions that confront poverty at scale.

We research, design, test, implement, and evaluate, in an iterative process that allows us to ensure high quality and effective solutions to entrenched problems. And we build new forms of cooperation and co-create solutions to reach massive scale, because ending poverty is a challenge measured on the scale of continents and in the changes not just for individual lives and families but for institutions and societies.


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