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Forum Syd is a politically and religiously unaffiliated development aid organisation with around 160 member organisations from Swedish civil society. Together we work with human and civil rights and facilitate popular participation around the globe. Forum Syd was founded in 1995 and is the largest civil society platform in Sweden. We have offices in Stockholm and in five countries through which we provide direct support to local organisations on the ground. We mediate grants from Sida (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) to Swedish organisations cooperating with local partners in 70 countries. Forum Syd also advocates for just and sustainable development.

Their work centres on enabling people to organise to claim their rights and take control of their lives; for it is only then that democracy can grow, resources can be distributed more fairly, and poverty can be reduced.

Forum Syd’s history

Forum Syd was formed in 1995 on the merger of two umbrella organisations, Svensk Volontärsamverkan (SVS) and Biståndsinformation för frivilligorganisationer (BIFO). Initially, Forum Syd had just over 100 members; today we have around 160 member organisations, all working for a just and sustainable world.

Forum Syd’s Vision

Forum Syd's vision is a just and sustainable world where all people have the power to effect change.

Their purpose is to:

  • Strengthen marginalised people around the world who organise to claim their rights
  • Advocate for changes that contributes to a just and sustainable world.

Forum Syd has its head office in Stockholm and country offices in Colombia, Kenya, Somalia, Cambodia and Belarus. 

Forum Syd’s work

Organise and advocate

Forum Syd works for a just and sustainable world in which all people have the power to change their living conditions. When people learn about their rights and gain influence in society through strong organisations, and when power-holders are made aware of their obligations and honour them – this is when lasting change can be achieved. Consequently, they work with change across the globe by creating strong civil societies and changing attitudes from discriminatory social structures. This they do with our numerous partners and our dedication to democracy, equality and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Support and educate

Forum Syd strives to maintain a high standard in our work and to provide continual support and education on development issues, which they do directly by helping local organisations and indirectly by mediating grants to Swedish organisations. They also support information and communication campaigns in Sweden.

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