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Job vacancies at ICCO - The International Cocoa Organization

Welcome to the career site of The International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) at Impactpool!


The International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) located in London, is a global organization, composed of both cocoa producing and cocoa consuming member countries.

ICCO was established in 1973 to put into effect the first International Cocoa Agreement which was negotiated in Geneva at a United Nations International Cocoa Conference. There have since been seven Agreements. The Seventh International Cocoa Agreement, negotiated in 2010 in Geneva, came into force provisionally in October 2012.

Work at ICCO

The ICCO recruits its staff on temporary contracts or fixed-term contracts (evolving into permanent contracts, based on satisfactory performance).

Working as a staff member at the ICCO Secretariat gives you the opportunity to be part of a dynamic, multicultural environment. The staff members of the ICCO, who come predominantly from its Member countries (cocoa-exporting and cocoa-importing countries), have diverse backgrounds, and carry distinct professional and personal experience. ICCO provides an exciting and unique opportunity to be exposed to a broader understanding of the issues facing the global cocoa economy.

Employees at ICCO must be willing and able to travel to various countries worldwide to contribute to the mission of the ICCO. The ICCO is an equal opportunity employer.

Staff members at ICCO are grouped into two main streams: Professional (P) or General Service staff (GS). Directors (D) are part of the Management category.

ICCO also employs consultants, interns and volunteers to assist with special projects and short-term recruitment needs.

Successful applicants will receive attractive remuneration packages, with generous benefits as applicable to their status. This includes tax-free expatriate contracts (where relevant) or local contracts, pension scheme, paid sick leave, paid maternity/paternity leave, life, accident and health insurance, paid holidays, education grant for children of international recruits, etc., based on the United Nations (UN) salary scale.

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