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Job vacancies at NDB - New Development Bank

You will now find all NDB vacancies listed on Impactpool

The New Development Bank finances projects and innovates tailored solutions to help build a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future for the planet.

NDB understands that our success is dependent on our enthusiastic, motivated, and skilled employees that think creatively and professionally.

We have launched on a quest to become a talent-intensive institution by operating with a lean and agile structure. We place a premium on attracting, developing, and maintaining motivated employees who are dedicated to the Bank's mission and strategic goals.

We value diversity and gender balance at all levels of our organisational structure as an equal opportunity employer. We aspire to foster a culture of constant high performance and to foster a workplace that values diversity and inclusion.

Life at NDB

At NDB, we want our people to thrive and feel respected. Beyond having a wide range of benefits and rewards, they will also have an opportunity to chart the growth of the Bank and work with industry experts in a collegial and creative environment, built on collaboration, shared values and mutual trust.