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Job vacancies at Nes Ammim


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Nes Ammim is a village in the Western Galilee, Israel, dedicated to encounter and dialogue, learning and hospitality. In its midst lives an international ecumenical Christian community, founded and supported by European Christians and churches. Its members, motivated by the lessons of the past and the challenges of the present, are living, working and learning in solidarity with the wide spectrum of people in the country: Jews, Arabs and others.


The Centre for Learning and Dialogue (CLD) is a foundation that provides ideological activities such as study, dialogue and fellowship activities for the volunteers, inhabitants of the village, visitors, people on study leave, and for others who want to experience the community life for some time. The CLD hosts local dialogue activities as well as initiatives from Christian organizations and churches that take place within Nes Ammim. The CLD also contributes to the expansion of educational tourism with the aim of attracting and serving groups from Europe that are interested to visit and explore the Galilee and the Israeli society.


Besides this Nes Ammim has set up a residential neighborhood on its former agriculturally used land, with the aspiration that Jews, Arabs and others will live together in peace, mutual acceptance and tolerance as a model for the region and the nation.


To generate additional income Nes Ammim rents out its assets as there are houses and apartments in the village, the 35-hectare avocado orchard and the surrounding agricultural parcels of land. These activities take place within the company Nes Ammim Centre Ltd.