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Job vacancies at Okra Solar

Our Vision

A world where everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and push humanity forwards. To achieve this, we must firstly ensure that everyone has access to fundamental resources – like electricity.

Our Mission

To create technology that enables affordable and reliable access for everyone in the world.

Our Values

  1. Don’t forget why we started – serving the community first
  2. Don’t let failure get to your heart – learn from it and share the knowledge
  3. We’re an idea meritocracy – we encourage debates and choose paths based on numbers, believability and data
  4. Surround ourselves with people that will bring us up
  5. We encourage diversity and learn from different perspectives
  6. Be humble, triangulate by asking other experts their opinion.
  7. We build for 10x scale
  8. Radical transparency – we trust each other with all parts of the company