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Job vacancies at PNRI - Pacific Northwest Research Institute

At the Pacific Northwest Research Institute (PNRI), we believe genetic research holds untapped potential to improve human health.

We are an independent, nonprofit research organization led by forward-thinking scientists. By asking different questions, we are able to find new solutions in the fight against diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s to Type 1 diabetes.

Instead of asking what causes disease, our genetic researchers ask what keeps us healthy.

Why, in a family with two children who have the same risk of inheriting a genetic disease, does one child contract the disease while the other does not?

PNRI is focused on the child who remains healthy despite genetic and environmental risk. While traditional genetic research has yielded important discoveries around individual genes, diagnosis, and the treatment of disease by focusing mostly on the child who becomes ill, PNRI is turning the question around. We work to uncover how nature prevents disease in the first place.