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Job vacancies at Pure Earth

Pure Earth’s Vision:

A world where all, especially children, are able to live healthy lives and reach their full potential, free from exposure to toxic pollution.

Pure Earth Mission:

Pure Earth partners with governments, communities and industry leaders to identify and implement solutions that stop toxic exposures, protect health, and restore environments.

We prioritize actions to protect the developing brains and bodies of children and pregnant women living in toxic hot spots. We work to stop the multigenerational cycle of poisoning that is endemic in many low and middle-income countries.

We believe the pollution crisis can be solved. In a world where pollution doesn’t stop at borders, and we benefit from an interconnected global economy, we all have a responsibility to be part of the solution.

With 9 million deaths a year attributed to pollution, and over 90% of those deaths occurring in low- and middle income countries, the scale seems overwhelming and solutions elusive.  But they are not.  High-income countries went through the same trajectory of industrialization,  suffering severe air, water and soil pollution with rivers on fire and thousands of toxic chemical waste sites.  But with effective regulation and enforcement, combined with public investment in pollution cleanup, management and control, a much greater level of environmental health was achieved in the second half of the 20th century.  This same solution cycle can and must be replicated in countries suffering from life-threatening pollution today.  The international funding community should prioritize this investment in development aid.