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Job vacancies at SCS - Samoa Conservation Society

We are a local non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting the conservation of Samoa’s biological diversity and natural heritage.

We work collaboratively with communities, the Government and partners to raise awareness on the state of Samoa’s environment and the species within. We further work with schools and youth groups to educate them on the natural heritage that we are blessed with, and actions that can help in species and habitat recovery. Samoa’s biological diversity and natural heritage are constantly being threatened by invasive species, over harvesting and over exploitation, habitat degradation, pollution and climate change. We assist with overcoming some of these challenges through undertaking research, projects and initiatives and partnering with the various organisations in Samoa and abroad. 

If you or your group have a project with the aim of protecting and conserving Samoa’s native species and habitats then we would like to hear from you and explore how we can work together. We would be pleased to also come and provide information or presentation on some of Samoa’s vulnerable species.

Please join us as an individual, a family, group or organisation. If you are a company that cares about the environment, please become one of our Corporate members today. 

Make a difference to your world by joining us.