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Job vacancies at Tony Blair Institute for Global Change


Welcome to the career site of The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change!


The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making globalisation work for the many, not the few.

We offer new thinking and new approaches to address some of the most intractable problems that leaders wrestle with today.

The Institute works to provide policy and strategy advice in support of a vision of globalisation designed to improve the well-being of the people, economically, politically, and socially. Our focus is on tackling the big challenges which hold such a vision of globalisation back:

  • Poor governance which stops the benefits of globalisation being shared because countries cannot build the institutional strength and resilience to transform their situation and deliver for their people
  • Extremism which stops the co-existence and cultural open-mindedness essential for social integration
  • Conflict which entrenches sectarianism and paralyses progress, particularly in the Middle East
  • Western politics which is in urgent need of a new agenda to provide radical but sensible answers to the new challenges presented by globalisation, technology, and the rise of a new false populism

Our work with government leaders has resulted in dramatic improvements in the lives of millions of poor people in the areas of access to health services, education and electricity.

Our work focuses on the centre of government and is shaped by national priorities. It includes economic development and inclusive growth, job creation, modernising infrastructure, public service reforms and government innovations.

We work with governments and leaders of fragile, developing, and emerging states to enhance their effectiveness. For those countries in the midst of vital transitions, effective government will be a key factor in determining success or failure. We support this by working shoulder to shoulder with our partner governments in pursuit of economic development that drives poverty reduction, and improves lives.

The Institute’s work on effective governance is born from the work formerly undertaken by the Africa Governance Initiative and Tony Blair Associates – Government Advisory from 2008 until 2017.

In the last decade, we have worked in 20 countries across the world.