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Job vacancies at UDEWO - United Deaf Women's Organization

To increase access to justice for deaf and hard-of-hearing women and girls who have had their rights violated in the districts of Kitgum (Northern Uganda) and Ngora (Eastern Uganda).


The grantee will empower these women and girls to be able to use proper channels and procedures to report rights violations to appropriate authorities. Concretely, Grantee will: (1) develop a manual about the CRPD for deaf women; (2) hold two (one in each district) capacity building workshops for 55 deaf women and girls; (3) support the trained deaf women to organize themselves into a self-help group to continue jointly challenging barriers to justice in the two districts; (4) develop a database detailing abuses, forms of legal aid obtained, and status of the cases taken; (5) conduct an awareness raising workshop for 50 people working with the Justice Law and Order Sector in Uganda, especially in courts and police stations in the two districts of the project; and (6) advocate to the broader Justice Law and Order Sector and legal aid service providers on the rights and needs of deaf women and girls (including through) helping the stakeholders address barriers to justice for this population.