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Job vacancies at WMU - World Maritime University

The World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmö, Sweden is a postgraduate maritime university founded by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a specialized agency of the United Nations. 

Established by an IMO Assembly Resolution in 1983, the aim of WMU is to further enhance the objectives and goals of IMO and IMO member states around the world through education, research, and capacity building to ensure safe, secure, and efficient shipping on clean oceans. WMU is truly an organization by and for the international maritime community. 

The University operates on the basis of a Charter adopted by the IMO Assembly, and is accountable to the IMO Secretary-General, Council and Assembly, and to an international Board of Governors composed of representatives of some 50 different governmental, industry, labour and educational bodies. The University presents its annual report and budget to the IMO Council and also reports to the biennial session of the IMO Assembly. WMU receives the status, privileges and immunities of a UN institution in Sweden, and WMU degrees are recognized by the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research.

The university was established thanks to the generosity of both the Government of Sweden and the City of Malmö, both of which provide significant annual financial support. Other donors and benefactors provided both operating funds and student fellowships, enabling the University’s first class to be inaugurated on 4 July 1983.

Today, there are nearly 4,000 WMU graduates from 165 countries across the globe who are shaping the maritime sector of today and leading its development into the future. They hold senior positions – top managers, ministers of transport, directors of shipping companies, heads of maritime academies – as well as representing their home countries at international forums and organizations.

Today, World Maritime University is: 

  • an institution that provides its students with privileged access to and understanding of the operation and decisions of IMO
  • an institution where over 100 international experts and professionals – both resident and visiting staff – from around the world provide high-level technical education and research
  • an institution which gives its students direct and extensive access to the most modern technologies and methods in marine transportation and administration used in the industrial world
  • an institution which carries out a wide range of research, with many projects involving partners from around the world
  • an institution at the centre of the global network of maritime institutions, experts and practitioners

WMU’s mission

As a center of excellence for postgraduate maritime education, our mission is to serve the global maritime community through education, research and capacity building to ensure safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans. WMU: 

  • ‡Contributes to maritime capacity building and the development of effective policies for the global maritime community
  • ‡Helps build a sustainable world through maritime education and research
  • ‡Educates future global maritime leaders, experts and professionals
  • ‡Provides a forum for international collaboration on maritime transportation