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Impactpool Career Story | Meet Michael Emery, HR Director at UNFPA

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by Impactpool

In today’s episode you will meet Michael Emery from United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Hear some of Michael's experiences from his 25 years within different UN organizations and what he believes are essential qualities if you want to have a career with the UN.

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Michael started out his career as a teacher in Australia and has since then had an amazing career with different UN organizations. He is currently the Human Resources Director at UNFPA and in this episode he’ll share:

• The unusual and fascinating story how he started his UN career. 

• Heartbreaking experiences from working in the field

• The importance of humor as a cooping strategy. 

• Thoughts on the most wanted and valued qualities of an applicant.

• The interview as an art form and the power of having a mentor

• His view on short term jobs as a possible entry to the UN.



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Click here to download the complete transcript of episode 02

Thanks to Michael for being an amazing guest this week! 

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