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Impactpool Career Story | Meet Sonia Peña at the International Union For Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

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by Impactpool

She has moved up the career ladder from intern to senior policy officer. Now Sonia Peña at IUCN is crafting the important messages to influence governments all over the world to take action to conserve our precious planet. ”We are realizing that we are losing much more species than we anticipated in the past. The rate of biodiversity loss is accelerating really enormously. We need to do something and we need to do it quickly, if not we are going to loose it all”, Sonia says.

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Listen and learn how working in international development really can influence and change global agendas. In this episode of the UNjobfinder Career Podcast we are focusing on the role and the skill set needed to be a good policy officer. Our guest is Sonia Pena from IUCN – International Union For Conservation of Nature – the largest and oldest global environment organization.

Sonia will share her career story and talk about the biggest challenges and rewards working for an organization like IUCN.

“If I wouldn’t have been working in this field, I wouldn’t have gone to the many places I’ve visited so far and known the wonderful things that are out there to visit and to know about.”, Sonia says.

Picture of Sonia during a meeting with partners in Thailand.

In this episode you will also receive useful tips how to improve your career chances working for global organizations, like applying for internships and trainee positions.

 “Don’t be afraid to start in a learning position. It really is an enriching experience”, Sonia says. 

 Listen to the full episode by clicking here or at the embedded link below.

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As mentioned in the episode, Sonia has written some blog posts about her work. You can find them here:

Sonia with IUCN Colleagues

Picture of Sonia with IUCN colleagues 


Click here to get the complete transcript of episode 10

Sonia, thank you again for being such a great guest!

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