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Impactpool Career Podcast | Episode 21: How to have a successful career working with Human Rights?

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by Impactpool

In this episode you will meet Antonia De Meo (Chief of Human Rights and Rule of Law Service at United Nations Support Mission in Libya, and Representative of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights).


1.What are the steps that a successful senior-level Rule of Law or Country Representative of the High Commissioner Office reach those levels, and even have two senior positions at the same time?

2. Coming from the private sector; having plenty of experience and relevant academic degree; having tried to apply but I don’t even get a callback, and nothing seemed to work.

3. What is it like to devote your career to Human Rights and work on the most challenging duty stations?

 *Listen to conversations with senior leaders in the sector, working at Headquarters, in hardship duty stations from different areas e.g. Recruitment at the UN Secretariat, Senior officers working with Migrants at refugee camps, etc.) telling you what to do to get where they are. All and much more is included in the Impactpool Fellowship. 


Find below: Children’s Rights, Refugee Rights, LGTB+RIGHTS, Gender-based Violence, Disability Rights, and Human Rights jobs available to all academic fields.

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