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Fellow badge Impactpool Career Podcast | Meet Claudia Rodriguez Burrell, Senior Humanitarian Officer at UN OCHA

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by Impactpool

In this episode of the Impactpool Career Podcast, we had a great time chatting with Claudia Rodriguez Burrell who started her career in UN OCHA at the age of 28 and who currently serves as a Senior Humanitarian Officer at UN OCHA. 


Claudia has been present in the midst of wars, natural disasters, conflict zones, emergencies, she’s been there; all while being a mother. Listen to her share her experiences and tips especially for women who aspire to be in the center of humanitarian and emergency responses. 

In this Podcast Claudia speaks about:

1. Why did she choose a career in humanitarian emergencies

2. What has kept her going forward all these years

3. What a regular day looks like in the life of a senior humanitarian officer at UN OCHA

4. Challenges as a woman persuing a career in crisis zones

5. How she started her career at UN OCHA, the biggest milestones and challenges she encountered and more...

"I became familiar with the work of the UN from previous experiences with other NGOs, I was intrigued and inspired by OCHA's mandate - I started applying to the UN and it took a lot of applications but eventually I was offered to go to the DRC."  

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Image: In dara'a - Southern Syria - Claudia (left) with a gynecologist (right) serving the displaced

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