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Virtual Career Fair for Women

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In the spirit of fostering diversity and empowering women within the impact sector, Impactpool proudly presents the Virtual Career Fair for Women. Scheduled for the 16th on May 2024, this event aims to connect leading international organizations with talented female professionals from diverse backgrounds worldwide.

The Global Gender Gap Report raised concerns over the state of gender parity in the labour market. Not only was women’s participation slipping globally, but other markers of economic opportunity were showing substantive disparities between women and men.

Between 2019 and 2020, the global women’s labour-force participation rate declined by 3.4%, as compared to 2.4% for men. Women have been (re-)entering the workforce at a slightly higher rate than men since then, resulting in a modest recovery in gender parity. Between the 2022 and 2023 editions, parity in the labour-force participation rate increased from 63% to 64%. However, the recovery remains unfinished, as parity is still at the second-lowest point of the index in 2006 and significantly below its 2009 peak of 69%.

The Virtual Career Fair for Women is a one-of-a-kind virtual platform where women from diverse backgrounds and industries can connect with leading organisations in the impact sector, access career resources, and explore exciting job opportunities. The event will take place on the 16th of May 2024, between 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM CET (see this in your timezone).

Why should you sign up?

Engage with top employers actively seeking to hire talented women professionals. Furthermore, gain inspiration and empowerment from successful women leaders sharing their career journeys and insights.

Who should attend?

This event is open to women professionals from all industries. The Virtual Career Fair for Women is focused on mid-career professionals.

Essential criteria to join this career fair:

  • 4+ years of relevant work experience

  • A Post-graduate degree (Bachelors considered with more work experience)

  • Fluent in English

  • Please ensure you submit your CV in English when registering

What to expect at a Virtual Career Fair?

We at Impactpool are proud to host events like these Virtual Career Fairs, connecting impact organizations with talented professionals. On our job board, you’ll find 6000+ jobs. Make sure that you keep your Impactpool member profile up to date (profile settings).

Enjoy a day of interaction with HR reps through live sessions and one-to-one chats. Use your time well and explore your next career path!

In the Lobby, you find two types of booths per organizations:

Live booths 

Listen to a live presentation (follow the link to Zoom) and take the opportunity to ask your questions to the presenters. Keep the questions here to a general level and direct your more personal questions to the private chat.

Potential recordings and presentation slides are not necessarily shared after the event. If they are shared, it is done by the organization.

Main booth.

  • Information, jobs and chats

  • Explore information about the organization

  • See highlighted jobs, (check out their individual websites and/or Impactpool to see more vacancies)

Request to have a 1-on-1 chat.

In the Main booth, click the green button when the chat is live for that organization. You can request to chat with multiple organizations. You'll be automatically connected when someone is available. 

Once a representative is available you will be connected to the chat. The representative can view your uploaded  CV.

The chats are mainly an introduction, and a possibility to explore and interact. They are not formal interviews, rather an opportunity to learn more about the organization, vacancies, share your profile etc. It is foremost your responsibility to check out which positions would suit you best and advocate to the rep why that is. 

Most organizations will require you to apply according to their regular application process. We strongly encourage you to start the chat with displaying your interest in the organization. Highlight your profile, your skills and experiences. Ask your questions about career opportunities, work culture in the organization, what profiles they are looking for etc. 

We recommend that you do not start the chat by saying “What jobs do you have for me”. Don't try "hard sell" yourself, but rather create an interactive and meaningful human interaction, ask the rep how they are doing and thank them for their time, we are sure they will appreciate it.

If you experience any difficulties with the event platform, start by refreshing your browser window, try turning things off and on again (tab, window, browser, computer, wifi etc.) There is a Help section in your event panel on the left.

Good to Know

  • The event is conducted in English and is free to attend, with an approval-based registration (limited capacity).

  • Accessibility - Impactpool Virtual Career Fairs are accessible to persons with disabilities (PWDs), who are encouraged to join.

  • The intuitive interface removes common logistical constraints, allowing you to connect from remote parts of the world while offering you a unique opportunity to engage with HR staff at leading International Organizations around the world. You can explore valuable employer information and job opportunities, join live sessions, and interact directly with an HR representative in a private chat. Share your background, experience and resumé via Desktop, Smartphone, or Tablet. Complete your profile to ensure the best prerequisites. No downloads are required.

Important Information:

  • To register, you need to have a member account on Impactpool. Sign up for free here. You can upload your CV and most details will be automatically imported to your profile. 

Your profile will be saved for future engagements. Once you have registered for the event, there will be a screening. If you meet the requirements, you will receive an email about the next steps and access to the event itself.

  • The event is hosted on the platform Brazen

  • Make sure to have a strong connection and if you encounter tech issues try first to turn on and off (tab, window, browser, computer), update your browser or try another one. We are available for further support at vcfsupport[at]

Hope to see you there and best of luck!

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