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The European Southern Observatory and our Engineers

Hosted by ESO

Feb 22, 2024 15:00 CET
Language: English



Who are ESO and what are we looking for?

We are regarded as the pre-eminent intergovernmental science and technology organisation in astronomy. We have an ambitious programme focussed on the design, construction and operation of the world’s most powerful ground based observing facilities. Through our work in Chile and Germany we enable scientists from all over the world to make significant scientific discoveries and answer key questions about the universe, like understanding the nature of dark matter, the period when the first stars and galaxies started to form or the study of Earth-like planets orbiting neighbouring stars. 

Currently we are building the Extremely Large Telescope at Cerro Armazones, in the Atacama Desert in Chile, which when completed, at 39 meters in diameter, will be the biggest ground based telescope in the world. At the same time we have just celebrated the 10th anniversary of the operation of the ALMA Interferometer, 66 ground based antennae, working together to provide powerful Large millimetre and submillimetre observations. We also continue to build upon the science provided through our Very large Telescope at Paranal, our premier site for observations in visible and infrared light. At La Silla we run the New Technology telescope along with a myriad of other facilities. All together they provide amazing science.


About the webinar

We are hoping to tell you all about our work and to show you the opportunities we have for you. We are particularly interested in optical, electrical, electronics, laser/photonics, instrumentation, software, system engineers, and mechanical engineers, who will help bring to life the Science we hope to do in the future. During this webinar you will meet key staff at ESO who have a passion for our work and will share this with you. We recognise that working for us is a challenge and we also hope to answer questions you may have about what it is like working for ESO, either at our HQ in Garching Germany or at one of our three sites in Chile.


We hope to engage with you and show you a possible future at ESO where you join us on our exciting and extraordinary journey.

We look forward to meeting you.


Date and time: February 22, 15.00 CET (See this in your timezone

Kindly note: This webinar will focus on opportunities for Engineering Professionals

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