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Executive Search for nonprofits: recruitment of women leaders from the global south

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by Jorge Andrés Jimenez Yanez
Impactpool Executive Search

Global Leadership Challenge

Impactpool's large pool of talented Women leaders from the global south makes us stand out compared to other executive search and sourcing firms. Impactpool focuses on the nonprofit and impact sector, and we have a proven track record in executive search for the United Nations, NGOs, foundations, and development banks at the highest levels. We have positioned ourselves as the best option to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

Organizations understand that leading with top women professionals or unrecognized talent in leadership roles with proven nonprofit experience is essential to their success.

Find out how we can take your organization to the next level by contacting us today.

To demonstrate that the world’s top organizations are already investing in this inclusive transition, we have listed the most desired profiles in 2023 when conducting executive search assignments for nonprofit organizations, NGOs, the United Nations, and other international organizations across the globe.

  • Women and sector leaders in information technologies, Cybersecurity, etc.
  • Women leaders from Latin America and Caribbean countries.
  • All genders from the middle-east and north-African region
  • All genders with Arabic, French, and Spanish native/bilingual language-speaking leaders residing in Europe 
  • West-African, and East-African nationals with strong international leadership experience 
  • Global North nationals with extensive leadership experience in the global south and/or fragile contexts.
  • Japanese women leaders 
  • Nationals from main donor countries or multilateral organization’s member countries (e.g. European Union, Development Banks/IFIs, United Nations, NGOs, etc.)
  • Country-specific leaders from diverse or unrecognized cultural backgrounds with valid working permits or citizenship. (e.g. US American, U.K., or European Union residents)

Why Choose Our Executive Search Services?

1. Return on Investment (ROI)

Every passing month that a managerial or senior executive role is vacant means a significant amount of costs for the organization. Just remember there are only 12 months in a yearly budget and the costs of not succeeding become crippling.  

Success doesn't mean only the organization's mission accomplishment, but its significant expansion by increasing funding and securing strategic partnerships that were linked to the organization’s commitment to a truly diverse transition leadership - which was only possible after investing in inclusive leadership.

Additionally, when a top candidate has no experience in the nonprofit or public sector, no previous achievements mobilizing resources internationally from top donors, or accomplishments advancing an organization's agenda by standing out among its competing nonprofit organizations, the result is extremely costly.

2. Cross-Sectorial and Highly-Technical Expertise

Information Technology and Cyber-Security, Private and Public Investment/Finance, Human Rights, Environmental, scientific sector-specific leaders, Peace and Security, Child Protection, Food Security and Production, Education…from managerial to highly technical roles, we could continue but the list covers all the corners of the nonprofit sector.

3. Global Reach, Local Expertise

We pride ourselves on our large, diverse global network and member base across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. With a strong focus on female leaders and professionals currently working in local and international nonprofits, we have established ourselves as a trusted executive search service provider.

4. Tailored Services for Different Budgets

Nonprofits and international organizations are not born equal, and the search for their leadership should reflect that. We craft custom-tailored services for different budgets and organization sizes.  Our processes and strategies for each client specialize in the technical areas needed to accomplish their mission.

5. Multi-Cultural Sensitivity

Navigating different cultures is a key aspect of international leadership. Our executive search recruiters understand how limited are the budgets of nonprofits, and our assessments ensure that all candidates delivered are well-equipped to represent their organizations in the global arena with cultural intelligence and adaptability, guaranteeing that they can hit the ground running.

6. Proven Track Record with Top International Organizations

Our portfolio of successful placements in international organizations speaks volumes. We have recruited leaders for the whole extent of the sector's missions and for most technically advanced organizations working together with governments, donors, financial institutions, and multilateral organizations which has resulted in significant growth and success under their guidance.

7. Comprehensive Support

Our commitment to your success goes beyond the recruitment process. Together with our client’s leadership, we conduct candidates’ calibration and ongoing support to assist organizations in finding the missing piece to make their leadership team reach their highest potential or continue their excellence legacy.

8. Leading by Example and Reach Organizational Excellence by Recruiting Diverse Top Talent

Finding international talent to lead your organization effectively is no small task, but it's a mission that we excel in. When you partner with us, you're not just securing a leader; you're securing a future of growth and prosperity.

As your organization expands its horizons, trust in our expertise to deliver the leaders who will drive your success. With our global reach, personalized strategies, and commitment to cultural sensitivity, we make finding international talent a seamless process.


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