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#WeCanDoBetter | Apply for Impactpool's Executive Education Waiver at SDA Bocconi School of Management

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by Impactpool

Ready to invest in your fit-for-purpose education at a School of Management? This is a chance you must not miss! Impactpool, in partnership with SDA Bocconi (Milan - ITALY), is making available a €5000 tuition waiver to support a female leader who is willing to invest in her continuing education and ready to unlock her potential as a global manager and leader of International Organizations and NGOs.


The context in which International Organization professionals operate today is constantly changing and continuing education is fundamental to keep pace with the latest developments and to strengthen professionals' capacity as effective leaders who will contribute to International Development by delivering greater results and generating a long-lasting impact.

As highlighted by SDG17 - partnership for the goals - the way forward we envision for professionals and their organizations to prove their "value-for-money" is through forming strategic partnerships with the Academia, thus enabling the co-creation of innovative solutions that will combine the intellectual capital of all professionals part of this network.



If you are ready to invest in your fit-for-purpose education in a School of Management that fully endorsed the Agenda 2030, this is a lifetime opportunity for you. 

Are you a mid- or senior-level professionals with 5+ years of experience looking for a program that is compatible with full- employment?


Apply for the EMMIO tuition waiver


Learn more from other professionals who already invested in their professional development


Apply for our €5000 tuition waiver no later than 31 MARCH 2019!

This year we are offering a tuition waiver at a value of €5000 to an outstanding women leader that will be admitted to the 2019-20 cohort of EMMIO. Please note that this is a partial waiver and is not covering the whole cost of the tuition. 


To be eligible the following must be met:

  • You must at least have 5 years of professional experience;
  • You must have a University degree (BA Degree or equivalent) in any discipline
  • You must be proficient in English (additional language skills in other major global languages is considered an asset);
  • Your current occupation is in a professional field that contributes to a positive impact and to complete your application you must include (upload) a motivation letter in the format of a #MyImpactStory, where you share a story how you make a positive impact in your daily life.
  • Last but not least, you must be able and be prepared to invest the remaining tuition cost at your own expense.     


Why SDA Bocconi?

Because this is the opportunity for you to:

KNOW - acting and reflecting on your and others' professional experiences

NETWORK - actively engaging with peers with a variety of public sector experiences and heterogeneous backgrounds

BELONG - interacting with other professionals, peers and lecturers that share the same mission and passion for the public sector

BECOME - being exposed to concepts that will allow you to understand and work more effectively within your context

Are you a woman in Tech?
Do you want to make your career profile searchable for impact organizatons? 

Join the #WIT4Impact Talent Pool

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