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How to Prepare for a Competency Based Interview? -Tips from Director of Human Resources at IOM

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by Impactpool

 Fabulous, you have passed the first or even second screening process and are invited for a competency-based interview! Impactpool Career Coach Beate shares 7 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Competency-based Interview.


Never see your first interview as a learning opportunity, you may never get a second. In this article, Impactpool presents two excellent methods to structure answers in a Competency Based Interview (available in French).


In the video recording below IOM's Director of Human Resources, Michael Emery shares his best tips about how to prepare for a Compentency Based Interview after many years in the sector. Michael shares that Competency Based Interviews are based on an important premise that, if you can demonstrate that you have successfully done a compentency in the past, you are more likely able to do it in the future. Thus, competency based interviews are based on past experiences as a predictor of future performance. 


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