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Securing equal opportunities and equal rights for talents experiencing disabilities

Take part in the June #WeCanDoBetter campaign to accelerate the changing pace of Equal opportunities and Equal rights for talents with some form of disability

15% of the world's talents, experience some form of disability. Lately, organisations and institutions have shown an increased understanding that to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) no one can be left behind. Through out the month of June, we run the #WeCanDoBetter campaign and for the whole month we focus on the importance of securing equal opportunities and equal rights for talents experience some disabilities. We promote entrepreneurs that work to make the world more inclusive. We present opportunities, interview experts and provide tips to employers to get the changing pace accelerated.

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Are you the diversity champion that we are looking for?

Are you ready to invest in your fit-for-purpose education at a School of Management? This is a chance you must not miss! Impactpool, in partnership with SDA Bocconi (Milan - ITALY), is making available a €5000 tuition waiver to support a diversity champion who is willing to invest in her/his continuing education and ready to unlock her/his potential as a global manager and leader of International Organizations and NGOs.

Apply no later than 30 June!

Listen to Lisa Akero, Gender and Diversity Coordinator at IFRC in Geneva

Lisa Akero is the Gender and Diversity Coordinator at IFRC in Geneva. Lisa has extensive experience in working with gender and diversity issues. In this episode, she explains how her work ensures a gender and diversity perspective in all emergencies, what it’s like to work with gender and diversity, and why she ended up in that field in the first place. 

"I find it extremely important and very very motivating when you can see change, when you can make change happen. When you can support processes or action that creates for a more equal and faire society", says Lisa Akero.

Events Calendar

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    Shinobu Sasaki from Japan is working as a Gender and Diversity Programme Analyst, at UNDP Headquarters in New York. Read about her important work and how she has built a career making an impact. She also shares her best advice to people with disability how to join the United Nations and to HR professionals the opportunities of employment of talents with disabilities.
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    Marko Vuoriheimo is a social entrepreneur, the founder, and the CEO of Chabla is a mobile app that allows deaf to make and receive phone calls through an interpreter. He is Special Representative at Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Speaker. In Finland, he also has a famous musician and works under the name Signmark.
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  • 10
    Coming soon | Rebecca Daniel is a Programme Analyst for the Talent Programme for Young Professionals with Disabilities, a joint programme of UN Volunteers and UNDP. In this interview, she shares her career story and her best tips on how young people with disabilities can acquire practical work experience and exposure to the work of the United Nations.
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  • 14
    Niels Lohmann is the Team Lead Capacity Development at UNV in Bonn. Niels has worked with human resources and in particular with aspects facing persons with disabilities for a long time. In this episode, he explains what the role of UNV is, and how they ensure that persons with disabilities are included in recruitment processes.
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  • 17
    More and more companies realize that including persons with disabilities in their workforce yields concrete business benefits. One of the latest major studies in this area shows that companies leading on disability inclusion had 28 percent higher revenue, double the net income, and 30 percent higher economic profit margins
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  • 21
    Alexander Hauerslev Jensen is a super entrepreneur and the Chief, Commercial Officer at Be my Eyes in Denmark. Be my Eyes is a mobile app that is bringing sight to blind and low-vision people. In this episode, Alexander explains how Be my Eyes works and the background to why it was initiated.
    Impactpool career podcast episode 19 how to bring sight to blind and low vision people c21125ef d745 48e9 8049 efb3bf1de251
  • 25
    Erik Kinnhammar is a Diversity and Inclusion Analyst at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). In this interview, he talks about his work to strengthen non-discriminatory and inclusive workplace culture and create employment opportunities for young professionals with disabilities.
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  • 28
    Michelle Walker is the People Business Partner for International at Leonard Cheshire in London. Michelle has a long-standing experience working in human resources. In this episode, Michelle explains the impact their organization has while working with people experiencing some form of disability, how they ensure that their workplace is inclusive, and how it all once began.
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    15% of the world's talents, experience some form of disability. And lately, companies, organizations, and institutions have shown increased understanding that to maximize effectiveness and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) no one can be left behind.
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