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Sustainable Development Goals

Take part in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals at Country Level

The UN system is determined to boost its capacity to better respond to needs of countries as they strive to deliver on the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. This comprehensive agenda to improve people’s lives while protecting the planet—ensuring that no one is left behind— requires new approaches to leadership with a revamped, joined-up UN, working with partners at the national and local levels. Our enhanced UN Country Teams will deliver shared results, anchored in a redesigned UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), which will become the UN’s key instrument to respond to national needs and the social, economic and environmental priorities.

To fulfil this mission, the UN is  creating a talent roster for dynamic and results-focused individuals to fill international positions in UN Resident Coordinator Offices in countries — at the nerve-centre of strategic coordination and advice, supporting the Resident Coordinator in bridging and connecting the work of agencies, funds and programmes to respond to the sustainable development imperative.

Deployments will begin in the third quarter of 2019. The roster is geared towards people willing to move within two months of being notified.

Take active part in this journey

<< Applications are now closed >>

Listen to Mr. Robert Piper explaining the role of the UN Development Coordination Office, the background to the Talent roster and what profiles he is looking for!

Robert Piper is the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations Development Coordination Office in New York. Robert has a longstanding experience in international development, humanitarian response and peacebuilding at the United Nations. In this episode, he explains the role of the UN Development Coordination Office, the background to the Talent roster and what kind of profiles he is looking for.  - Working with the United Nations is an incredible privilege and it is a badge of honour to be part of the UN and it comes with a set of values. So, I think you join the UN in whatever capacity whether you are a peacekeeper, a development coordinator like me, or a humanitarian you join the UN with a passion for what it represents, says Robert Piper.

Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals at the Country Level

Voices of the Reform

Learn what the current RC’s think

Rosa Malango

Resident Coordinator, Uganda

Toby Lanzer

Resident Coordinator, Afghanistan

Lise Grande

Resident Coordinator, Yemen

Mia Seppo

Resident Coordinator, Bangladesh

Priya Gajraj

Resident Coordinator, Senegal

Helena Fraser

Resident Coordinator, Uzbekistan

I think you join the UN in whatever capacity, you join the UN with a passion for what it represents.

Robert Piper on the Impactpool Podcast