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Consultant, Facilitator of the Asia Pacific National Society Preparedness Workshop

Kuala Lumpur

  • Organization: IFRC - International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur
  • Grade: Consultancy - Consultant - Contractors Agreement
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Disaster Management (Preparedness, Resilience, Response and Recovery)
    • Civil Society and Local governance
    • Emergency Aid and Response
  • Closing Date: Closed

Organizational Context

Asia Pacific is one of the most disaster-prone regions in the world. In recent years, the frequency and intensity of disasters have increased, exacerbated by climate change. This has put a significant strain on National Societies' resources and capacities to respond effectively to disasters and made the need to prepare for a world of unexpected shocks clearer and more urgent than ever.

Despite numerous ongoing and past capacity building activities implemented across the region, a crucial gap remains. These activities often feel disjointed and lack a cohesive vision, hindering our ability to understand their collective impact on the overall disaster preparedness landscape in Asia Pacific. Without a clear picture of how the various initiatives contribute to the bigger picture, it has been challenging to visualize changes, measure progress, identify areas for improvement, and optimize our
collective efforts.

Therefore, a strategic approach is necessary to consolidate existing efforts, ensure coherence and maximize their effectiveness. This is aligned with the outcomes of the 2023 Annual Partners' Meeting and Strategic Coordination Meeting this year. Based on these discussions, the Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO) will be organizing a National Society Preparedness Workshop: Scaling Up NS Preparedness in Asia Pacific Through a Common Approach in Kuala Lumpur from May 1 – 3, 2024.

The workshop aims to bring together key stakeholders from within the Movement to identify a strategic direction and agree on a common approach for scaling up National Society Preparedness (NS Preparedness) at the regional and national levels. Tangible outputs and conclusions drawn from this meeting are expected to accelerate progress towards the Hanoi Call for Action and make significant contribution to the broader disaster preparedness ecosystem in Asia Pacific.

This consultancy will develop the agenda and provide facilitation for this workshop, ensuring it fosters productive discussions, facilitates collaboration among stakeholders, and drives the achievement of the following objectives/outcomes:

• Identify a strategic direction for scaling up NS Preparedness in Asia Pacific.
• Agree on a common approach for implementation at both regional and national levels.
• Develop concrete and measurable outputs, such as an action plan to guide present and future NS preparedness efforts.

Job Purpose

The objective of this consultancy is to engage a qualified and experienced external facilitator to design the workshop to ensure it achieves its objectives. The consultancy will also be responsible for facilitating the workshop, fostering active participation from all stakeholders, and ensuring that the workshop's conclusions and next steps are documented and disseminated effectively.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Scope of Work
The consultant will be responsible for the following:

Collaborate with APRO HDCC and the workshop core planning team in finalizing the workshop concept and agenda as well as development of the session and sequencing.
Review relevant background information as outlined in the Desk Review section under Methods of Delivery.
Develop and/or prepare any necessary facilitation tools and materials (e.g., discussion questions, presentation templates), ensuring clear objectives achieved and the importance of a continuous, systematic, and evidence-based approach to 
institutional preparedness, readiness, and response capacities is addressed throughout the event.

During the workshop (May 1-3, 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):
Facilitate all workshop sessions as outlined in the agenda, ensuring active participation and meaningful engagement from all participants.
Guide discussions to achieve the goals of each session, fostering a collaborative, results-oriented and respectful environment for open and inclusive dialogue.
Employ effective techniques to capture key discussion points and action items from 
all sessions, ensuring comprehensive incorporation into the development of the final 
Ensure clear and concise communication throughout the workshop.
Manage time effectively to stay within the allocated schedule.

Produce a detailed workshop report summarizing key outcomes, discussions, and agreements.
Consolidate and refine the action plan sections developed during the workshop into one cohesive plan, with emphasis on a continuous, systematic, and evidence-based approach.
Provide any additional support as required by APRO.


Expected Qualifications and Experience of the Facilitator

• Proven experience in facilitating complex and multi-stakeholder workshops.
• Strong understanding of the Disaster Risk Management (DRM), in particular disaster
preparedness and humanitarian response principles.
• Excellent communication, facilitation, and time management skills.
• Ability to create a positive and inclusive learning environment.
• Familiarity with the Asia Pacific region and the work of the Red Cross Red Crescent
Movement is desirable.


Methods of Delivery
The consultant will collaborate with the Health, Disaster, Climate and Crisis (HDCC) IFRC APRO and the core planning team of the workshop (comprising representatives from Swiss RC, Canadian RC, and AmCross). As part of the design and development process, the consultant will employ a variety of qualitative methods to gather information:

• Desk Review: This involves a thorough examination of key documents relevant to the
workshop, such as the IFRC Principles and Rules for Humanitarian Assistance, IFRC
Strategy 2030, IFRC NS Preparedness Framework, IFRC NS Development Framework, IFRC DRM policy, IFRC Asia Pacific Strategic Priorities, UNDRR Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, the Grand Bargain, the Hanoi Call for Action, Strategic Coordination Meeting Reports, existing mapping on preparedness initiatives, and any other documents deemed pertinent.
• Literature Review: Additional sources and research findings will be explored as needed to support the development of the workshop agenda and ensure alignment with its objectives.
• Focus Group Discussions (FGD): Discussions with stakeholders (HDCC, AP NS
Preparedness Workshop core planning team etc.) Key informant interviews (KII): with relevant technical team members (IFRC APRO Membership Services Unit, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Supra-regional Movement Cooperation Coordinator, IFRC Secretariat Delegations, NS Preparedness Senior Officer in Geneva etc.) to gain their insights and expertise.

The consultant is encouraged to explore and propose other data collection approaches that may prove beneficial to the workshop design and development process. 

Competencies, Values and Comments

Fees and Payment Terms
The IFRC APRO will provide a competitive fee based on the qualifications and experience of the selected facilitator. The payment will be provided based on negotiated terms with an invoice. 

Selection Process
The IFRC APRO will shortlist, and interview qualified candidates based on the information provided in their proposals. The selection will be based on the criteria outlined in Section 4 and the candidate's overall suitability for the assignment.

Management of Consultancy
The consultancy will be managed by IFRC APRO NS Preparedness Coordinator, supported by thematic lead for Evolving Crisis and Disasters.

Duration of the Consultancy
The consultancy is expected to be completed within a timeframe of ONE month, starting from April 8, 2024, and ending on May 17, 2024, covering pre-, during and post workshop duties. The consultant's physical presence is required full-time during the workshop, along with a few days beforehand for preparatory meetings and a few days afterwards for finalizing the workshop report. The need for extension will be justified by the Consultant and will be assessed and approved by IFRC HDCC management. 


The consultant is required to maintain the confidentiality of all information shared by the IFRC APRO and workshop participants. This includes any materials, discussions, and outcomes of the workshop.

Intellectual Property
All intellectual property rights arising from the work performed under this consultancy, including any reports or materials developed by the consultant, will belong to the IFRC APRO.

The consultant will be contracted by the IFRC and the standard contractual terms will 

This vacancy is now closed.
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