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Nutrition and Health Head of Department

Freetown (Sierra Leone)

Mission 1: Design, develop and evaluate actions in the field of nutrition and health

The Head of Nutrition and Health Department is responsible for:

Ø Assessment and analysis of prevailing context of nutrition and health in country

Ø Initiate studies based on the analysis of data provided by other partners (NGOs, UN agencies, governmental departments)

Ø Engaging in teamwork with Head of Departments in other technical areas to develop an integrated multi-sectoral approach

Ø Drawing up new proposals for intervention in health and nutritional programme areas for submission to funding bodies in collaboration with Program Managers and Field Coordinators

Ø Liaison with finance and logistics departments to establish budgets for new programmes in nutrition and health

Ø Developing and monitoring budgets allocated to the field of nutrition and health

Ø Identifying challenges and proposing research projects and innovative approaches in the field of malnutrition

Ø Building on good practice, experience and assessments in the framework of Action Against Hunger's organisational development strategy and ensuring that recommendations arising from assessments are implemented

Mission 2: Monitor and coordinate programmes in the fields of nutrition and health

Ø Conducting field visits to ensure the quality of programme implementation and make recommendations on ways to improve quality

Ø Ensure the quality of trainings related to IPC, Surveillance and Nutrition

Ø Supervise or conduct nutrition rapid assessments and/or nutritional surveys

Ø Validation and monitoring of the resources used by the programmes in order to undertake quality control

Ø Monitoring programme quality by using qualitative and quantitative monthly Activity Progress Reports (APRs) submitted by Nutrition and health Programme Managers

Ø When possible, appropriate and relevant, promote an integrated approach in the programmes to ensure a sound understanding of the causes of malnutrition in an area (eg study of market prices) – in liaison with Food Security and livelihoods HoD

Ø Producing a synthesis of all data collected by Nutrition and Health Programme Managers and informing the Mission Country Director and relevant HQ personnel of the key indicators having a bearing on the programmes

Ø Producing activity reports for funding bodies on health and nutritional aspects of the programmes

Mission 3 : Manage the Nutrition and Health team in Coordination Office, if any, and be the Technical/Support Manager of the Nutrition and Health Program Managers

Ø Managing overall planning and dispatching of work as well as individual action plans for the Nutrition and Health team in Coordination office

Ø Providing support to the Nutrition and Health team in Coordination office on routine matters

Ø Organising and leading meetings with the Nutrition and Health team in Coordination office

Ø Organising and leading Nutrition and Health team in Coordination office appraisals

Ø Appraising technical performances and skills of Nutrition and Health Programme Managers

Ø Providing technical support to teams in the area of health and nutrition

Ø Identifying the training needs among the team members

Ø Creating, organising and leading training sessions

Ø Liaison with the Field Coordinator to deal with any problems within the Nutrition and Health Program Managers

Mission 4 : Develop and launch programmes in collaboration with governmental and local agencies

Ø Negotiation with local partners on work organisation, protocols, action plans, training at all levels (local, regional and national) taking account of all those involved in the area

Ø Negotiation of agreement protocols with the programme partners

Ø Whenever necessary, updating the agreement protocols to secure the efficient functioning of the programme (e.g. structural change in the partner agency, redefinition of roles)

Ø Coordinating the implementation of programmes with representatives of national and local government

Ø Linking up with partners and taking part in meetings with other agencies (WFP, Unicef, other NGOs etc) with a view to defining partnership agreements

Ø Lending technical support to the development of national and local strategy in the struggle against malnutrition

Ø Setting out a common strategy and action plan (Action Against Hunger and partners) concerning specific projects

Ø Collaborating with partners by the ongoing provision of useful information and regular meetings

Ø Influencing the definition of national protocols through negotiation with representatives of partner structures (notably the Ministry of Health) with a view to disseminating A ction Against Hunger 's technical standards for dealing with malnutrition

Ø Together with the Advocacy Expert, DCD and HQ, define a country-specific strategy for technical advocacy

Mission 5: Represent Action Against Hunger and its positioning in the field of nutrition and health

Ø Developing and maintain relations with current and potential donors (visits to projects, presentations of Action Against Hunger and its work, requests for funding)

Ø Representing Action Against Hunger in meetings with the health authorities and other agencies and participate in national networks on nutrition

Ø Promoting the philosophy and protocols of Action Against Hunger to local partners (NGO, MoHS, etc.)

Ø Representing the areas of health and nutrition in the national coordination of Action Against Hunger

Ø Producing technical and strategic reports in the fields of health and nutrition

Ø Producing and/or publishing information, both internally and externally, concerning technical progress in the fields of health and nutrition in the country of intervention

Ø Elaborating communication tools for disseminating information on Action Against Hunger and the nutrition and health dimensions of its programmes

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  • Organization: ACF - Action Against Hunger
  • Location: Freetown (Sierra Leone)
  • Grade: Mid/Senior - Internationally recruited position - Mid/Senior level
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Nutrition
    • Public Health and Health Service
    • Managerial positions
    • Project and Programme Management
  • Closing Date: 2017-11-23

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