Program Quality and Learning Director PQLD (National Position)



TITLE : Programme Quality & Learning Director


HOLDER : (Vacant)

SUPERVISOR : Country Director





The PQL Director will oversee the following key programmatic functions: i) program design and development, (ii) leading the CO humanitarian response, and (iii) program quality (monitoring, evaluation, learning and impact measurement, advocacy & communication, partnership management). This position contributes significantly to the Country Office's commitment to long-term, quality programming by identifying and mobilizing resources, maintaining donor relations and leading the design of new programs, in addition to contributing to strategic planning, and advancing impact measurement. The person in this position will be expected to lead technical improvements in program design and development to ensure quality and adherence to program standards. S/he will manage a team of professionals focused on the design, funding, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects (including emergency programs) that effectively address the underlying causes of poverty in line with CARE's Programming Principles.

The PQL Director is a key member of the Country Office Senior Management Team and as such is responsible for leading and supporting CO initiatives. S/he is responsible for (along with the Country Director - CD) maintaining good working relationships with CMPs, host government officials, donors and other partners. The position, based in Bujumbura, will report directly to the CD and may be required to act when the CD is out of the country or office.

This is a critical position in the context of the on-going transformational change in CARE International, characterized by CARE’s global 2020 Vision and the Great Lakes Region change management process, which have informed and influenced the CARE Burundi transition to a new mode of operation. The PQL-Director is one of the senior CARE representatives in the country of her/his assignment and as such is responsible for problem solving at a variety of levels. S/he will need to be able to analyze and resolve situations as they arise on a variety of subjects ranging from programming decisions to issues related to government and donor relations.

Key responsibilities include:

1. Effectively supervise and manage a strong, effective and coordinated Program Quality and Learning team (20%)

2. Lead the CO program design and development (25%)

  1. Develop and maintain exceptional quality program implementation with partners (20%)

  2. Create and maintain a culture of reflective practice, learning and knowledge management (20%)

  3. Contribute to facilitating the CO's transition to vision 2020 and contribute to the development and implementation of viable CO program strategies (15%)

  4. Representation (5%)

  5. Any other tasks/responsibility requested by the supervisor (5%)

S/he is expected to respect the vision, mission and core values of CARE International.


Responsibility 1 - Effectively supervise and manage a strong, effective and coordinated Program Quality and Learning team (20%)

§ Recruit, hire, and oversee training and orientation of direct reports.

§ Ensure the proper implementation of CARE's performance management system for direct reports, including job description and IOP development, regular feedback, mid-term reviews and annual performance appraisals.

§ Proactively address performance issues through regular, constructive and honest feedback and coaching.

§ Take timely and appropriate corrective measures e.g. termination and other disciplinary actions.

§ Identify necessary staff development, career development and succession planning strategies for direct reports.

§ Ensure that space and incentives are available to allow staff to develop and innovate.

§ Instill a sense of accountability among team members by modeling tight oversight of individual and organization performance standards.

§ Provide supervision, management and coaching for all direct reports and lead the establishment and functioning of a strong and effective team.

§ Promote career development and succession planning strategies for all staff.

Responsibility 2 – Lead the CO program design and development (25%)

§ Lead the design and development of CO programs and projects in line with P- Bouge, strategic plans and program strategy.

§ Responsible for the development of relevant and quality project/program proposals;

§ Ensure that lessons learned are systematically incorporated into the design of new projects;

§ Ensure the relevance of the Country office Theory of Change;

§ Ensure that all programs and projects designed by the CO are in line with those program strategies and contribute to achieving the objectives of the CO Strategic Plan.

§ Implement the Country Office fundraising strategy;

§ Ensure consistency of policy and programs to national priorities;

§ Create and maintain contacts that facilitate access to information related to funding opportunities for programs.

§ Ensure consistency of program strategies with the CO's Strategic Plan, national development plans, the CI vision and programming principles and current CARE programming priorities.

§ Lead the CO humanitarian response (revise the EPP, train and lead the ERT, identify needs and funding opportunities, represent CARE in humanitarian coordination meetings).

Responsibility 3 – Develop and maintain exceptional quality program implementation with partners (20%)

§ Direct the design/development of the CO programs monitoring and evaluation systems in line with the CO the program strategy and strategic plans.

§ Ensure systems and plans are in place to guarantee the quality program/projects implementation with partners.

§ Provide leadership in identifying and securing funding for CO interventions (project, programs e.t.c).

§ Ensure timely and quality provision of technical support by PQL Unit team members to partners and CO interventions.

§ Develop and implement strategies to maximize the synergies among program areas and with program support elements.

§ Ensure that proper monitoring and evaluation systems are in place to demonstrate impact on UCP and that program lessons are being used to promote improved programming and learning.

§ Conduct frequent field visits to monitor regularly program quality and implementation progress.

§ Ensure timely and quality donor and government reporting per requirements.

§ Contribute to the preparation / review of reports to the Government and donors.

Responsibility 4 – Create and maintain a culture of reflective practice, learning and knowledge management (20%)

§ Ensure creative reflection, knowledge sharing, learning and accountability within and outside the CO through strengthening existing mechanisms and establishing others as required.

§ Ensure the CO actively participates in organization wide and regional learning initiatives related to CARE's priority program themes and approaches.

§ Develop and implement strategies for the consistent consolidation and use of lessons learned to improve program performance.

Responsibility 5 – Contribute to facilitating the CO's transition to vision 2020 and contribute to the development and implementation of viable CO program strategies (15%)

§ Collaborate with the CD to effectively manage CO transition processes e.g. talent management and office restructuring.

§ Guide and ensure a smooth transition by the CO to working predominately through partners.

§ Support the institution and adjustment of CO systems, policies and procedures, required for new CO operating model.

§ Ensure documentation of the process and lessons learnt to inform and guide similar transitions within and outside the CO.

§ Collaborate with the senior management team to develop and implement mechanisms of continuously ensuring the CO’s viability in the national and international operating context.

§ Contribute to the preparation of program strategies based on sound contextual analysis and that target specific underlying causes of poverty and social injustice, in line with CARE's Unifying Framework.

§ Oversee periodic review of the operating environment and ensure CARE’s role and operating model are in line with that environment.

§ Seek stratec partnerships necessary to promote CARE's vision and programming principles and ensure that thoss partners understand the COs program strategies.

Responsibility 6 – Representation (5%)

· Ensure that the CARE Burundi program is appropriately positioned with donors, the Government and other strategic partners;

  • Participate in relevant donor, government and civil society forums to promote good development practice and relevant role for CARE Burundi;
  • Ensure consistent and comprehensive communication with CI members and the Regional Management Unit;

· Participate in relevant forums organized by donors, government and civil society to promote good development practices and the appropriate role of CARE in Burundi;

· Ensure consistent and overall communication with CI RMU members;

· Establish / maintain relationships with donors, members of CARE International and the authorities of line ministries;

· Maintain and increase the visibility of CARE;

· Develop and maintain personal organizational networks that support Country Office programs;

· Contribute to improvement of the relationships with CMPs;

· In collaboration with the Team Leaders, represent CARE Burundi within the national government, civil society organizations at national and international level, and other policy development actors relevant for the Country program.

Responsibility 7 – Any other tasks/responsibility requested by the supervisor (5%)




§ Masters Diploma in International Development, Organizational Change Management, Project Management, Social Sciences, or other related field.


§ Bachelor’s degree in development, management, social sciences or a related field.


§ At least 8 years in a senior management position in development field;

§ Demonstrated ability in program development

§ Experience and skills in organizational change processes.

§ Knowledge of strategies and various approaches to programming, with a good understanding of issues related to the cause of poverty and injustice;

§ Demonstrated ability to build and manage diverse teams effectively to deliver the implementation of quality programs;

§ Excellent understanding of economic development and poverty analysis;

§ Knowledge and experience in financial management demonstrated by,

o Capacity to manage a complex budget, and compliance with donor requirements and reporting;

§ Demonstrated ability in coaching, mentoring and developing people;

§ Demonstrated skills in intercultural communication;

§ Evidence of extensive experience in development work at the management level;

§ Commitment and be able to model leadership behaviors promoted by CARE. Demonstrate the ability to support the development of these behaviors in others.

  • Proficiency in Kirundi, French and English.


Program Management

§ Demonstrated leadership and management skills in a very complex international setting

§ Extensive conceptual skills including development of program strategy

§ Demonstrated experience in program design (including proposal development), implementation and evaluation. Demonstrated experience in proposal development with a range of international donors e.g.EU, Dutch and Norweigian governments

People/Relationship Management

§ Demonstrated leadership and interpersonal skills

§ Ability and interest to coach and develop staff

§ Experience with performance management

§ Experience with the management of a diverse workforce

§ Strong representation and negotiation skills

§ Demonstrated use of positive coping strategies in stressful environments

§ Demostrated cross cultural communication skills

Financial Management

§ Knowledge and experience with financial management

Information/Knowledge Management

§ Ability to establish and sustain a learning culture within the CO

External Relationships/Fundraising

§ Experience in successfully managing institutional partnerships with national and international NGOs.

§ Experience in establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with donors and government counterparts.

§ Proven experience with excellent networkinig.


§ Experience and knowledge of operationalizing a rights-based approach

§ Demonstrated experience with proposal development with range of international donors (i.e USAID, EU, DFID,CIDA, NORAD, Dutch MoFA)

§ Experience and skills in organizational change processes.


§ Adaptability

§ Building Partnerships

§ Coaching

§ Communicating with impact

§ Delegating responsibility

§ Facilitating change

§ Leading through vision & values

§ Strategic Decision making

§ Managing performance for success

§ Negociations skills

§ Networking


Administrative Autonomy:

All decisions related to the implementation of the programs require the involvement of the National Programs Coordinator. He/she refers to the rules and procedures for making decisions in accordance with CD and PQL Director and donors.

Financial Autonomy:

The incumbent allows project expenses up to U.S. $ 10,000.



He / she maintain daily relationships with colleagues from Program Unit, the Country Director, the Director of Finance and Administration, the Finance and Accounting Coordinator, and the Internal Auditor. He / she maintain hierarchical relationships with the PQL Director. He / she also maintain collaborative relationships with all the mission team in the implementation of programs and maintaining positive work environment.


Externally, he / she maintain relationships with donors, partners, members of other CARE International offices and other NGOs working in Burundi.


Zone of action: the National Program Coordinator is based in Bujumbura and covers all provinces of intervention covered by CARE Burundi.

Direct Supervision: He / she supervises the Team Leaders.


VIII. This position is classified at Grade N taking into account the criteria of the level of responsibilities, level of complexity, academic and experience requirements, working conditions and associated risks. SOUMISSION

NFT Application Link ( OR Submit to “Employment" box at the CARE Burundi headquarters in Bujumbura, Mwezi Gisabo Avenue No. 30; At the offices of CARE in Ngozi, Muyinga, Gitega during the period from 10 November to 30th November 2017 at 17.00.

Important notice:

· This is a local position reserved to BURUNDI NATIONALS or foreigners holding a Burundian work permit.

· Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

· Deadline for applications: 30th November 2017 at 17:00.

· Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted and their names displayed at the offices of CARE BURUNDI.

· CARE wishes to inform the public that no form of commission should be given to win the job / market. If such a request is made to you, please report it to CARE Management or log on to

· However, for any other non-corruption information, please call the CARE Burundi office in Bujumbura at 22 21 46 60/22 24 66 90.

NFT Application Link ( OR Submit to “Employment" box at the CARE Burundi headquarters in Bujumbura, Mwezi Gisabo Avenue No. 30; At the offices of CARE in Ngozi, Muyinga, Gitega during the period from 10 November to 30th November 2017 at 17.00.

Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.
  • Organization: CARE
  • Location: Bujumbura
  • Grade: Level not specified
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Education, Learning and Training
    • Managerial positions
    • Project and Programme Management
  • Closing Date: 2017-11-30

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